Sunday Morning Worship

We are currently meeting inside the building for Sunday worship. There are 2 services at 8:30 and 10:45 a.m. We understand there are folks who have health concerns, or are uncomfortable meeting in crowded areas for worship, so we have a couple of options available for you...

  • The audio is transmitted to the parking lot via FM signal, so tune your car radio to 100.7 to listen from your vehicle. And just inside the main entry doors to the church is a cart with portable/disposable communion cups as well as coffee, snacks and church bulletins for you. 
  • Live video is available in our Chapel, a comfortable smaller room located inside the main building, where crowding is not an issue. Come in the main doors, and take the 2nd hallway to the right. At the very end of the hallway on the right is the Chapel.

    You are welcome to check out the chapel any time during the week. Stop by the church office and ask to see the chapel room or ask about out FM signal. There aren't crowds  and the chapel is a comfortable area to worship with your church family via video. 

Adult  & Children's Sunday School is at 9:55 a.m.

Libby Christian App

The app gives quick access to sermon notes, worship song lyrics, an online giving link, service check in, and more. You can update your own personal profile information, and as we improve things, you will quickly be able to see groups you are involved in at church, times they meet, or even contact a group member from the app. LET US KNOW YOU'RE HERE TODAY by Checking In to today's service in the app! Choose "Check In" on the bottom of App Home Page to get started. 

To get the app: 

For iphone users, go to the App Store then search for "Church Center App". Choose "GET" and then choose Libby Christian Church. For Android phones: Go to the Google Play Store (or where you prefer if not Google Play) and download "Church Center App", then choose Libby Christian Church.