Annual Meeting/Night of Celebration

Family pizza party/dessert bar to be followed by a Night of Celebration. Please register online so we will be sure to have plenty of pizza for your family. If you could bring your favorite dessert to share that would be great. And also bring your kids! There will be a nursery and fun stuff planned for them. 

Current Events and Upcoming Events

  • 10:14 KIDS - a Wednesday after-school program for K - 4th graders

    10:14 KIDS is a free, after-school program that focuses on sharing God’s love and His word with children. It will be held at the Asa Wood building after school until 4:30 on Wednesdays. Transportation is available from the schools to Asa Wood.


    Providing fun activities, this program is designed to help meet the needs of busy families. Children will be grouped by ae and will engage in activities that encourage physical activity, creativity, friendships, and teamwork, guided by volunteers.


    Activities include: learning the basics of various sports, doing crafts, singing, dancing, eating healthy snacks, and discovering the Bible.   |REGISTER|