Living the Transformed Life

Sometimes it becomes necessary for us to change the way we see things—to see them as God does—in His timing, and His ways. Isaiah says both of those things are different than the way we naturally perceive circumstances around us. God’s timing is not ours and His ways are not ours. That is certainly true.

The challenge of changing how we see things can be difficult for sure. I like the way Charles Swindoll captures this idea: “Thinking theologically is a tough thing to do. It works against our human and horizontal perspective on life. Thinking vertically is a discipline few have mastered. We much prefer to live in the here and now realm, seeing life as others see it, dealing with realities we can touch, analyze, prove, and explain. We are much more comfortable with the tactile, the familiar, the logic shaped by our culture and lived in our in our time.”


For the next five weeks I want us to explore what it means to have all that changed within us. Biblically, it is called Transformation.