AFTERSHOCK  - Students grade 7 to 12

The name Aftershock comes from Haggi 2:7, "I will shake all nations". I know that my life is a result of Jesus doing some shaking, and I believe He has plans to shake up all of us. It is our hope, our prayer, and God's desire for us to follow Him.

Student Minister, Matt Warner would love to talk with you more about a place for you to connect. or 406.293.3747

Aftershock Kick-Off ~
Wednesday, September 12

All students grades 7 - 12 are invited - just meet at the Asa Wood Field to kick off the new school year with tons of fun - slip and slide kickball, zorb balls, free food, music and games! 

Grades 7 - 12

Connect  - Grow -  Go

Meets Wednesdays from 6:30-8pm

Aftershock is a ministry for 7th-12th graders that is built around connections. We first want to Connect the students involved to God and lead them to a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ. We also realize the value of connecting with other Christians. We have some amazing students and leaders involved that we want connected to each other. We also want to connect Christians to non-Christians. It is our desire to see those relationships Grow and for the students to Go and live the Christian life.

Email Matt Warner for information or call at: 406.293.3747

Location: 100 Kootenai River Road ~ Libby, Montana 59923

Phone: (406) 293-3747


Sunday Service: 8:30am I 10:45am

Sunday School: 10am