January 17, 2021 Message

For Nothing Will Be Impossible With God, We Just Have to Empty Ourselves to See It.

“Those guys will never know it, but I gave them the gift of fascination---I mean they had my full attention for a brief time.”   
Rick Lawrence

“Apparently round  one went to the coconut.  I’ll never know for sure.  I had the vague, frustrated feeling of a guy who missed the last five minutes of a movie.” 
Rick Lawrence

“The facts, of course, are that the pool of Bethesda, like many similar pools in the Jerusalem area, is an intermittent spring.  At times water is released in surges from hidden reservoirs in the hills around the city, causing these springs to rise and fall suddenly.  This is what gave rise to the superstition about an angel troubling the pool.” 
Ray Stedman