Coronavirus Updates Within Our Local Church Family

This is new territory for all of us, but not for God. We are looking to Him for wisdom and for protection amidst all this uncertainty. We're standing on God's promises, and holding fast to them, because no matter what - God is always faithful. 

Information Regarding  Sunday, May 24 Worship Services

Download this weeks song lyrics here

This Sunday we will be meeting in and around the building at 100 Kootenai River Road! We will be having 2 services - at 8:30 and 10:45 a.m. In order to maintain distancing there will be seating in the auditorium, the chapel and the pavilion (video feeds), new outdoor seating areas (audio only), and you will be able to stay in your car and hear the service over your radio just as you did for the drive-in service we had (tune to 100.7 FM). We want you to be comfortable and safe. See you Sunday! 

Please plan to bring your own communion if you plan to listen in the outdoor seating or in your cars. We will all be able to share in the Lord's Supper together.  

For the Kids...Until more restrictions are lifted, kids will continue to worship with their families. Marisa and Rebecka will be in the lobby handing out KID PACKS filled with an activity, a snack and a prize for your children. As we mentioned before, there are a few new options in places for families to worship together - along with the auditorium and chapel, there are outdoor family seating areas, and in the pavilion there are foam mats available for little ones to relax on - you can grab a single mat or put as many together as you need for the whole family.  

As the shut-down restrictions start to lift please be watching for the following activities:

  •  Celebrate Recovery will meet Thursdays starting at 6 pm for Large Group, 7 pm for Small Groups. Contact Les or Cindy Brothers at 293-3747. (no dinner)
  •  Depression Support Group facilitated by Liz Erickson will meet on Tuesdays from 11-12 pm in the auditorium. Everyone is welcome to attend. Contact Liz  293-3747.
  •  The Food Pantry will now resume their normal hours on Thursdays from 10 am - 1 pm. For questions contact Marc or Peggy McGill at 283-1084.
  •  The Mission Shop is open by appointment only. Contact Stan or Jennifer Koehler at 291-8716.
  •  Adult Education and Sunday School will start the beginning of June.
  •  Aftershock Youth Group and Children’s Ministry Activities - details coming soon. 
  •  Prime Timers will be having a few fun summer activities - details coming soon.