March 22, 2020 Kid's Lesson

This week we get to learn about part of the Easter Story...

In this lesson kids will learn that Jesus is the perfect example of obedience to God and love for

others. They will be challenged to ask God to help them follow in Jesus’ example of obedience to God.

Youtube link to "The Story of Easter - The Last Supper"


Parent’s Read these with your kids:


Read Mark 11:1-11 The Triumphal Entry


Jesus rode into the city of Jerusalem one week before Easter on the day we call Palm Sunday. He rode on a donkey, and the people greeted him with palm branches.

In Biblical times a king would ride a horse into town if he came for war or battle, but if a king rode a donkey into a town, the people knew he had come in peace. That was the meaning of the donkey on Palm Sunday. Jesus came in peace.


When Jesus entered Jerusalem at the beginning of the last week, what was he riding on? A donkey

What did the people wave at Jesus when he entered Jerusalem for the last time? Palm branches

Read Matthew 26:14-16 Judas Agrees to Betray Jesus


Judas was one of Jesus’ disciples, but even though Judas had been with Jesus every day for three years, he didn’t get what Jesus was up to. Jesus wasn’t doing what Judas thought he should do to save Israel. Jesus had come to fulfill His Father’s plans, but Judas wanted Jesus to disobey those plans and do what Judas wanted.

Judas didn’t have God’s plans in mind. He wanted his own way. We are all guilty of being like Judas. We are selfish. We want to do things our way. We deliberately disobey God.

Sin is what separated us from God in the beginning, way back in the book of Genesis. We disobeyed God and wanted to do things our way. Thankfully Jesus didn’t do the same thing. Jesus wanted to obey God and show us God’s perfect love.


Who betrayed Jesus to the Jews? Judas


What did Judas receive for betraying Jesus? 30 silver pieces


Read Matthew 26:17-30 The Last Supper


Jesus knew there was only one way to save us. He had to take our place and die for our sins. If Jesus, who never sinned, were to die, he could conquer death and save us.

Jesus knew he would be hurt. He knew he would die a horrible death. If there was

another way to save us Jesus would have taken it. But Jesus obeyed His Father

because he loves us.


What was the first Passover Meal to celebrate? The fact that God saved his people from slavery in Egypt.

Why are Old Testament stories important to us today? They teach important lessons.

Where did Jesus and his disciples eat the Last Supper? An upper room of a house.


The main point: Obedience doesn’t come easy for any of us. It’s hard for kids, and it’s hard for adults. The Bible tells us we are sinful and selfish by nature. We don’t want to obey. We want to do things our way.

Why do we need to obey Jesus?

How did Jesus obey His Heavenly Father?

Jesus came to set us free from sin. He wants us to give up our right to ourselves and follow him. He wants us to obey God just as he did. He wants us to love him like he loves us.

This Easter season, I want to encourage all of you to ask God to help you be more obedient. Spend time in the Bible every day, and ask God to help you remember how to follow him. Jesus set the example. He will show us the way.

Easter is coming. Jesus has come to set us free from sin. It’s up to us to lay down our selfish desires and follow the example of Jesus.


Dear God,

Thank you for sending Jesus to save us. Please help us to obey and love Him.

In Jesus’ name,


(The above lesson was taken from "Children's Ministry Deals" which our church has purchased for use)

Here are a couple fun worship song links that the kids love - sing along with your kids! 

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