Giving Update from Phil Alspaw

We want to honor God through our giving even though we can't gather together.

We have been grateful that people are asking how to give during these weeks we can't gather on Sunday mornings. What a blessing it is to know that the work we've been involved in all these years isn't stopping. The gospel is continuing to spread, and lives are continuing to be changed. Libby Christian Church is a generous congregation, not only locally, but globally. We are working to secure that generosity continues even during these uncertain times. So let us say with gratitude...thank you for your faithfulness through giving. Following are some ways to sure the ministry of your church remains uninterrupted. 

  • Online giving is the easiest way to give and you can do that by clicking on the picture here on this page. It will take you through the process step by step. Roughly 30% of our giving already happens this way - it's easy and consistent. 
  • You can mail your donation to the church. Libby Christian Church, 100 Kootenai River Road, Libby, MT 59923
  • You can bring a check or cash by during business hours; as of now the church office is open. Make sure your donation is in an envelope and clearly marked. 

Now let me tell you about an old/new way we are working to help people in our community. A few years ago we started a program called "Change for a Dollar". Over the course of 2 years, tens of thousands of dollars went back into our community - one dollar at a time. Eighteen months ago, we transitioned that to "Change the World" to further our goal of supporting global missions. As the coronavirus and problems related to it has hit close to home, we are transitioning back again to "Change for a Dollar." You can give one dollar a week over and above your regular giving and our team of volunteers will get it back into our local community. We will keep you updated on the ways you are blessing this community we all love through your gifts to this ministry. 


Phil, along with the Leadership of Libby Christian Church