Mission Trips

  • Disaster Relief Trip to Texas in Response to Hurricane Harvey

    A trip to Texas has been planned in response to the terrible disaster they experienced with hurricane Harvey. We will be in Texas from January 9 - 16, 2018 to help with things like sheet rocking, taping and other reconstruction type tasks. We will be working through the organization "Disaster Response Team". This trip is geared for those age 50 and up. Beth Byrns is coordinating this trip, so contact her if you have questions at 293-3747 or beth@libbychristianchurch.com. 

  • East Africa Christian Mission  in Kenya  -  September 2018

    Dean Byrns will be leading a team to Kenya in the fall of 2018. Their emphasis will be repairing wells and helping with other repair and building projects with the Kenyan people. Dean will be happy to talk with you about what will be involved in this trip. (dean@libbychristianchurch.com)

  • Honduras - Mision Caribe  December 2018 (after Christmas into January 2019)

    Matt Warner will be taking a group of primarily students to Honduras, but the trip is not closed to others. If you have a heart to serve these people and to help the students experience mission work, please speak to Matt. (matt@libbychristianchurch.com)

  • Nicaragua - Harvest Initiative  April 2019

    Phil Alspaw is planning to lead a team to Nicaragua. There's time to pray, plan and prepare for this mission trip. Pray and consider if God may be calling you to serve here. 

  • Union Gospel Mission  August  2017

    On August 8th Liz Erickson brought a group to serve at the Union Gospel Mission representing Into the Light Ministries and Libby Christian Church. While there, they helped serve lunch and took a tour of the facility. The Union Gospel Mission serves those in the Spokane area who have found themselves in a difficult stage of life. They offer programs for men and women/children in separate facilities, teach life skills, offer chapel each week, provide food and shelter, offer medical care and truly work to be the hands and feet of Jesus to those in the Spokane area. This was a wonderfully rewarding experience and we plan to do it again! Contact Liz if you are interested in this opportunity. liz@libbychristianchurch.com